Trevor Foucher

Trevor Foucher has been shipping software projects for over 10 years, including Windows 2000 and OneCare at Microsoft, and Webmaster Tools at Google. He's been an individual contributor, manager, and tech lead. His goal is to make code more readable and reliable.

The Art of Readable Code The Art of Readable Code
by Dustin Boswell, Trevor Foucher
November 2011
Print: $44.99
Ebook: $38.99

"If you care about writing maintainable code, whether it be in JavaScript or any other language, this book is a great read. Those who never stopped to consider how their coding style affects the maintainability of their code should definitely pick up this book to get a nice overview of the issues."
--Nicholas C. Zakas, NCZOnline

"I would make this book an indispensable resource for every good programmer. A book to read and reread at regular intervals (just to refresh its memory)."
--Luigi Zambetti,

"So far, The Art of Readable Code is a GREAT book! "
--John Carmack,

"I'm about 70 pages in to The Art of Readable Code. Brilliant book. First programming book I've felt I could read all night."
--Scott Moyers,