David Uhlman


David is CEO of ClearHealth Inc. which created and supports ClearHealth, the first and only open source Meaningful Use certified Comprehensive Ambulatory EHR. Coming from a background of supply chain systems and big business ERP for companies including DEC, Micro Systems, Motorola, and EDS, David entered health care in 2001 as CTO for the OpenEHR project. One of the first companies to try commercializing open source healthcare systems, OpenEHR met face first with the difficult realities of bringing proven mainstream technologies into the complicated and sometimes nonsensical world of health care. In 2003 David became CEO of ClearHealth and created the ClearHealth system based on VistA that was originally developed by the Veterans Health Administration.

ClearHealth's software is open source (GPL) and powers more than 1,000 sites from small offices to mega-institutions servicing millions of patients per year. As CEO of ClearHealth Inc. David also oversees outsourced management and operations consulting of several general practice groups and in 2013 will begin operating it's own general practice facilities.

A frequent speaker and writer David has presented and OSCON, TEPR, LinuxWorld, SCALE, OSHC, and others. You can see his work online in Modern Health Care, Wired, Linux Journal, and on his blog: Health 365.



Webcast: 6 New Year Resolutions for Health IT January 17, 2012 If you are interested in insight into the strange behind the scenes workings of healthcare or are already a grizzled veteran we will cover a diverse set of topics sure to be as informative as they are interesting and funny.


“Meaningful Use and Beyond is well written, readable and provides a good understanding of the current position of US health informatics.”
— Sheila Bullas, MBCS, CITP
“The highest compliment I can pay Trotter and Uhlman is to say I wish their book had been available to me as a decoder ring when I started out.”
— Joseph Conn, ModernHealthCare.com
“The book provides a very thoughtful and detailed view of Federal programs to accelerate the use of Healthcare IT. I really enjoyed the expert interpretation of the standards and policy activities which I've experienced first hand over the past five years.”
— John D. Halamka