Alan Schwartz

Alan Schwartz, Ph.D. is an associate professor of clinical decision-making in the Departments of Medical Education and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He is also the author of Managing Mailing Lists and the coauthor of Stopping Spam (both from O'Reilly). He serves as a consultant on Unix system administration for several ISPs. In his spare time, he develops and maintains the PennMUSH MUD server and brews beer and mead with his wife, with whom he also develops and maintains their son. Turn-ons for Alan include sailing, programming in Perl, playing duplicate bridge, and drinking Anchor Porter. Turn-offs include spam and watery American lagers.

SpamAssassin SpamAssassin
by Alan Schwartz
July 2004
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $23.99

Practical UNIX and Internet Security Practical UNIX and Internet Security
by Simson Garfinkel, Gene Spafford, Alan Schwartz
Third Edition February 2003
Print: $54.95
Ebook: $43.99

Stopping Spam Stopping Spam
by Alan Schwartz, Simson Garfinkel
October 1998

Managing Mailing Lists Managing Mailing Lists
by Alan Schwartz
March 1998
Print: $29.95