David Magid

David Magid was one of the original members of the Digital team that worked with Hewlett Packard to develop the RPC component of DCE. He wrote the RPC Application Programming Interface specification, designed the RPC Name Service Interface (NSI), and implemented portions of the NSI. With his colleagues, David has a patent pending for a DCE namespace usage model. Prior to working on DCE, David's projects at Digital included a prototype knowledgebase system, a data management system for large VAX design and verification, and an automated memories test system. Before joining Digital, David programmed scientific applications at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. David is an avid indoor and outdoor gardener, currently nurturing a new kind of sprout--a daughter, born in July 1993. He is married to a technical writer who's also a wonderful woman and mom. David also enjoys windsurfing and birdwatching and believes that a bad day gardening, windsurfing, or birdwatching is better than a good day at work.

Guide to Writing DCE Applications Guide to Writing DCE Applications
by John Shirley, Wei Hu, David Magid
Second Edition June 1992