Moe Khosravy

Moe is a Product Unit Manager at Microsoft leading the Windows Azure DataMarket business (formerly known as Codename "Dallas"). DataMarket allows knowledge workers and developers on any platform to easily discover, explore, and consume enabling data & services to power applications, visualizations, and reports. Moe founded the project and leads the engineering and business development teams that allow the marketplace to deliver real-time web services, media, massive relational data, and higher-level analytics and visualization services regardless of where and how the data is stored. Prior to Azure, he ran the augmented-reality cloud initiative in the Cloud Data Services team and was a co-founder of the synchronization technologies in Windows to connect and bring together disparate sources of data. Before Microsoft, Moe was a software architect at Vital Images focusing on architecture to enable 3D medical imaging. He enjoys all things Simpsons, his crazy cats, and is always looking for premium datasets and web services to build apps on!

Data Marketplaces Data Marketplaces
by Moe Khosravy, Peter Marney, Julie Steele, Ian White, Dennis Yang
March 2011