Josh Merchant

Josh is the Co-founder of Lymbix, a company that has created a product called ToneCheck; revolutionizing the space of sentiment analysis. Josh maintains his focus on all the technical aspects of Lymbix including systems management, integration, and support. Originally from Toronto, Josh made the decision to relocate permanently to New Brunswick in 2008 to concentrate his full efforts on Lymbix. Josh is the driving force and visionary behind the intelligence technology being developed to fuel the suite of real- ?world applications under the Lymbix umbrella. Prior to Lymbix, he led a Ruby on Rails practice building customized software applications for other businesses. Josh holds a degree in Computer/Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick.

Online Sentiment, Machine Learning, and Prediction Online Sentiment, Machine Learning, and Prediction
by Margaret Francis, Ben Gimpert, Josh Merchant, Ryan Strynatka
March 2011