J.P. Hamilton

J.P. Hamilton is a software engineer who lives and works in Houston, Texas, perhaps the largest underrated city in the known universe. At the age of eight, a serious addiction to Space Invaders and a lack of funds led him to his first PC, a 6502-based beast built by Ohio Scientific. He's been programming ever since. He has been dabbling in the black art of COM programming for several years and uses both languages: C++ and Visual Basic. From time to time he leaves the realm of programming to pursue his other interests: skydiving, running marathons, yoga, and drinking coffee. His machine at home also doubles as a digital audio workstation where he composes electronic music of all kinds. He believes one should experience as much as possible in this life, and is currently scheming for a way to climb Mt. Everest.

Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET Object-Oriented Programming with Visual Basic .NET
by J.P. Hamilton
October 2002
Print: $34.95

VB Shell Programming VB Shell Programming
by J.P. Hamilton
July 2000