Eib Eibelshaeuser

Eib Eibelshaeuser holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and is currently a faculty member at the University of Applied Sciences, Duesseldorf, Germany in the Design and Photography Department.

Since 1977 Eib has continued to be a guest lecturer for the principles of image creation and design in the Faculty of Graphic Design at the College of Art in Reykjavik, Iceland.

He is the author of three successful books in Germany.

"Whether you choose to utilize hard light or soft, direct or indirect, indoors or out, with either simple or more complex lighting accessories, you'll learn all the intricacies of lighting your subject within the covers of this book."
--Marie Altenburg, PSA Journal, September 2012

"An excellent resource for photographers in pursuit of just the right shot. Regarding lighting, it offers historical perspective with magnificent examples of illustrations as well as instructive commentary and photographs."
--Cathi Crismon, Simple Sojourns

"The beginning as well as the advanced photographer will learn a lot from this volume and it is well worth adding to your library."
--Dr. Michael Roach, DigitalAppleJuice.com

"[T]his book offers a wealth of information about photographic lighting. Eibelshaeuser begins with an explanation of the perception of light and a thorough examination of the many types of artificial light—incandescent, non-incandescent, movie lights, LEDs, pressure and vapour lamps, photo lights, and electronic flash. He explains how the bulbs work and provides illustrations to show the effect of each type of lighting on a model. I found his coverage of non-traditional methods of lighting (using flashlights and LED or slide projectors, for example) to be particularly interesting. He covers colour temperature and colour systems, methods of manipulating light and shade (reflectors, ring flashes, softboxes, umbrellas, etc.), the different effects of various ways to control light (mirror, hand, crumpled aluminum foil, white Styrofoam, etc.) and techniques for working with natural light. Thankfully, The Art of Photographic Lighting has an extremely detailed table of contents and an index, to help readers quickly find the information they need when they reference this useful book."
--Jenny Montgomery, Photo Life Magazine

"My copy of The Art of Photographic Lighting is sitting on my studio work table, dog eared and marked up. It is a tool for every day use by photographers of virtually every skill level, amateur or professional. I think the book will have a direct impact on the quality and creative components of my work and that's pretty exciting."
--Joe D’Alessandro, Real Guns

"The book has solid introduction on color theory and visual perception. It also does an excellent job discussing the technical aspects of different lamps (incandescent, LED, etc...), artificial lighting options, and gear. However, what we found most helpful were the discussions on shadow management."
--Wan Chi Lau, RainyDayPhotography