Jennifer Mason

Jennifer Mason is a Senior SharePoint Consultant. Her focus is on strategy, project planning, project management, governance, and best practices for implementing business solutions using SharePoint Technologies.

Beginning SharePoint 2013 Beginning SharePoint 2013
by Jennifer Mason, Laura Rogers
February 2013 (est.)
Ebook: $39.99

"The book isn't perfect, but I think it has some significant value for SharePoint developers."
--Thomas Duff, Duffbert's Random Musings

"This book is unique in the library of SharePoint 2010 books I own. It is a recipe book for entire solutions. The recipes take you from compiling the requirements to the implementation and the management of the final solution ... I found this book to be a really enjoyable read. I liked the way the author's approached the projects and they provided a lot of insight into how to build code free solutions."
--Tad Anderson,