Jason Pamental

Jason Pamental

Designer, Strategist, Tinkerer, Typographer

  • @jpamental

Rumford, Rhode Island

Areas of Expertise:

  • Design
  • Web Strategy
  • Web Standards
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Typography
  • Web Fonts
  • User Experience
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing

Jason Pamental is a seasoned design strategist and UX practice leader, writer and overall web & typography nerd (you can find his writing on typecastapp.com, fonts.com .net magazine and elsewhere). Favorite self-descriptor: specializing in being a generalist (he's worked on the web since 1994 in a range of capacities). With a background in design and an intimate understanding of technology and its application on the web, he's led creative and technical efforts for major universities, NFL and America's Cup teams, Fortune 25 and technology corporations and many other clients.

Jason also speaks about Responsive Design, Web Typography and Web Strategy at conferences and pretty much anywhere people will listen. When that's not happening he's usually hanging out with his family or following @aProperCollie around Turner Reservoir in the morning, posting photos on Instagram.

Responsive Typography Responsive Typography
by Jason Pamental
September 2014
Print: $24.99
Ebook: $21.99

Jason blogs at:

Webcast: Responsive Typography: Design for Meaning, Not for Screen Size
September 10, 2014
Responsive Typography is the notion that our type must move and change and adapt just as the rest of our designs do as users shift from device to desktop and beyond. In fact, it may have a bigger impact on readability and usability than any other aspect...