Aaron Bedra

Aaron Bedra is a member of Clojure/core and a developer at Relevance, Inc. where he spends his time as a tech lead, speaker and author. He is a frequent contributor to the Clojure language and its supporting libraries as well as an active member of the Clojure community. Aaron has led the development of several commercial Clojure projects.

Programming Clojure Programming Clojure (Pragmatic Bookshelf)
by Aaron Bedra, Stuart Halloway
Second Edition April 2012

"Anyone either in the Clojure language community, or wishing to join it, will find this comprehensive text most useful."
--Michael Kleper, The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing, Vol. 17 No. 4/5, July/October 2012

"The 268-page book is well-organized and well written, and it offers numerous practical code examples."
--Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions