Mick Olinik

Mick Olinik is a WordPress expert that specializes in graphic design and WordPress theme skinning, organic search engine optimization, DNS routing and Linux web hosting platforms. He is a regular contributor on SitePoint.com, serving as SitePoint's WordPress Specialist.

The WordPress Anthology The WordPress Anthology (SitePoint)
by Raena Jackson Armitage, Mick Olinik
November 2011
Print: $39.95
Ebook: $29.00

"As a WordPress user myself, I thought this book was great. I highly recommend it to other WordPress users!"
--Lisa Martin, Lisa Reviews

"In my opinion, The WordPress Anthology addresses some of the most relevant questions and challenges facing developers learning to work with the WordPress platform...The WordPress Anthology is an excellent resource for developers that want to learn to be excellent WordPress coders. The technical content of the book is spot on."
--Armando Roggio, eCommerce Developer