Kirby Urner

Kirby Urner

Kirby brings a diverse career and a wealth of life experience to OST. His remarkable journey has included teaching high school math in Jersey City, database programming for hospitals, and textbook editing.

He earned his bachelor's degree from Princeton University where he studied philosophy (under Richard Rorty and Walter Kaufmann) and computer science.

Later, he developed an interest in Bucky Fuller's philosophy that led him to participate in the development of early Web 1.0 projects. His name appears in the credits of Bucky Works by J. Baldwin, Historical Dictionary of Wittgenstein's Philosophy by Duncan Richter, and the O'Reilly book Using Google App Engine, among others.

During the first PC revolution, Kirby helped non-profits and NGOs adapt to the new world of affordable computing. His clients included the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan (Druk Yul), where he taught database programming and helped build a telex billing system.

The son of an urban and regional planner, Kirby was born in Chicago, and has lived all over the world, eventually returning to Portland, Oregon, where he came to early consciousness. Click here for more details.