Brad Nicholes

Brad Nicholes is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and is currently working as a Consultant Software Engineer for Novell. In addition to being a committer on the Apache HTTPD and APR projects, Brad is also a developer as well as one of the administrators of the Ganglia project. As a developer on the Ganglia project, Brad developed and introduced the C/C++ and Python metric module interface into Gangla 3.1.x. He also developed and contributed several of the initial metric modules that currently ship with Ganglia. Brad attended school at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University and holds a degree in Computer Science.

Monitoring with Ganglia Monitoring with Ganglia
by Robert Alexander, Daniel Pocock, Peter Phaal, Brad Nicholes, Matt Massie, Bernard Li, Dave Josephsen, Alex Dean, Frederiko Costa, Jeff Buchbinder, Vladimir Vuksan
November 2012
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $25.99