Shyam Seshadri

Shyam Seshadri

Web Entrepreneur, Geek, Trainer

Navi Mumbai, Other

Areas of Expertise:

  • Angular
  • Javascript
  • Web
  • AWS
  • NativeScript
  • Big Data
  • Node
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
Currently based out of India, Shyam Seshadri is the founder and CTO of ReStok Ordering Solutions. Before this, he has spent time at both Google and Amazon as a Software Engineer & Architect, and headed the engineering at Hopscotch, an e-commerce startup out of India. He currently spends his time working on interesting product ideas and chasing after the holy grail of one code base across all native experiences, and tinkering with Angular & Nativescript. He also conducts training sessions internationally on AngularJ& Node, and provides development and architecture consulting on Angular, Node and Mobile applications.

AngularJS: Up and Running AngularJS: Up and Running
by Shyam Seshadri, Brad Green
September 2014

AngularJS AngularJS
by Brad Green, Shyam Seshadri
April 2013

"Overall it is a good pickup for the price and can help kick start your angular project."
--Joshua Woodward,