Anders Goransson

Anders Goransson

Software Architect, Android developer and Trainer

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Lund, Sweden

Areas of Expertise:

  • Android
  • Java
  • concurrency
  • mobile
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • programming
  • training
  • writing
Anders Goransson is a software architect, developer, trainer and international speaker. He holds a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics and has spent his whole career in the software industry. He started with moving bits and bytes in industrial automation systems in 2001, but as of 2005 he has focused on software for mobile devices. He embraced the Android OS as the most exciting mobile platform for the future already when the first smartphone was released publicly in 2008. Ever since, he has helped major handset manufacturers, carriers, financial institutions, start-ups, etc., with the transfer into the smartphone era.

Efficient Android Threading Efficient Android Threading
by Anders Goransson
June 2014
Print: $49.99
Ebook: $42.99