Dylan Thede

Dylan Thede's multimedia experience began in the cultural mecca of the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985. At a young age, he was designing sound systems and multimedia presentations for the University of California at Berkeley. At the University of California at Santa Cruz, Dylan became a pioneer in the emerging fields of Digital Audio, Digital Video, and Multimedia and later graduated with a degree in Multimedia and Psychology. He was one of the pioneers in web design when the World Wide Web burst onto the scene in 1994. In 1995, Dylan founded AudioVisualize, a multimedia consulting company that caters to companies who wish to implement multimedia into their web sites and corporate operations. Besides writing and creating multimedia projects, he is also a musician and is currently composing and recording music for an upcoming multimedia CD release. Dylan can be reached at dylan@usa.net.

Designing Web Audio & CD-ROM Designing Web Audio & CD-ROM
by Josh Beggs Woodlander, Dylan Thede
January 2001
Print: $34.95