Semmy Purewal

Semmy Purewal spent about a decade teaching computer science and working as a freelance JavaScript consultant. During that time, he worked with a diverse group of clients that included startups, non-profits and research labs. These days, he primarily works as a software engineer in San Jose, CA.

Learning Web App Development Learning Web App Development
by Semmy Purewal
February 2014
Print: $34.99
Ebook: $29.99

Beginning Programming with JavaScript Beginning Programming with JavaScript
by Semmy Purewal
January 2015
Video: $99.99

"Purewal's book may seem short, but it manages to introduce the reader to a surprisingly wide array of concepts, technologies, and tools. And in doing so, the author does a great job of spending just the right amount of time on each topic, gradually building on previously explained topics to construct increasingly sophisticated web application snippets in each successive chapter."
--Puneet Singh Lamba, Computing Reviews