Paul Fenwick

Paul Fenwick

Freedom Loving Scientist

Melbourne, Australia

Areas of Expertise:

  • perl
  • open source
  • foss
  • ksp
  • kerbal space program
  • kerbal space programme
  • neuroethics
  • psychology
  • space
  • training

Paul Fenwick is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, developer, and science educator. Paul is well known for presenting on a diverse range of topics including privacy, neuroscience and neuroethics, Klingon programming, open source, depression and mental health, advancements in science, diversity, autonomous agents, and minesweeper automation. His dynamic presentation style and quirky humour has delighted audiences worldwide.

Paul was awarded the 2013 O'Reilly Open Source award, and the 2010 White Camel award, both for outstanding contributions to the open source community.

As a Freedom Loving Scientist, Paul's goal is to learn everything he can, do amazing things with that knowledge, and give them away for free.

The Kerbal Player's Guide The Kerbal Player's Guide
by Alasdair Allan, Paris Buttfield-Addison, Paul Fenwick, Jon Manning, Tim Nugent
December 2016
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $33.99