Karen Ingram

Karen Ingram

Creative Director/Designer

Brooklyn, New York

Areas of Expertise:

  • design
  • synthetic biology
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • training
  • writing
Karen Ingram is an artist who uses design and creative direction to promote scientific awareness. A veteran in the world of digital design, Ingram has worked for Campfire, McCann Erikson, and UNICEF, to name a few. Her work has appeared in many publications including Die Gestalten (Berlin), Scientific American, and The FWA, where she was named a “Digital Pioneer.” She’s written tutorials on digital design for Computer Arts magazine and New Riders publications.

She is a co-organizer of Brooklyn-based science cabaret, The Empiricist League and a board member of SXSW Interactive, where she presents topics related to science + art and hosts the SXSW Biohacker Meetup. She is a creative strategy instructor for NYU SHERP’s Entrepreneurial Science Journalism course.

A member of Genspace (Brooklyn’s Community Biotech Lab), Ingram participated in the inaugural “Community Labs” iGEM track in 2014 and will serve as a design track judge in 2015. Ingram is active in Cut/Paste/Grow, a group working at the intersection of biology and design.

She participated in the “Designing for Biology” panel at Synbiobeta, London in 2015. As a 2015 Synthetic Biology LEAP (Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program) fellow, Karen is recognized as an emerging leader in synthetic biology.

BioBuilder BioBuilder
by Kathryn M. Hart, Karen Ingram, Natalie Kuldell
June 2015
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