Kevin Mullet

Kevin Mullet

general UNIX and system monitoring geek who would really rather be teaching and doing photography

  • @kevin_mullet

Areas of Expertise:

  • UNIX
  • Solaris
  • linux
  • snmp
  • E-Mail
  • system monitoring
  • scripting
  • writing
Dianna and Kevin Mullet are a husband and wife team who share their home in Carrollton, Texas, with awk and Lavender who are cats, and Milo and Goldie the beagles. Dianna and Kevin met, married, and conceived Managing IMAP while working at the University of North Texas. In her previous career, Dianna was a widely published physical chemist. She lives and works on the leading edge, but keeps an eye out for technologies whose growth outstrips our ability to manage them. Dianna is a qualified scuba rescue diver and relishes opportunities to go on analog vacations with Kevin, who insists on packing a notebook PC and digital camera to maintain his umbilical cord to the Net. Kevin is a voracious punster who got bitten by the computer bug when he bought a Timex/Sinclair 1000 in 1982 and found himself chomping at the bit to change careers from photographer to computer geek. (Coincidentally, Dianna bought a TS1000 at the same time, and it was also her first computer.) One thing led to another, and he found himself working for local, regional, and national ISPs as a network analyst and Unix system administrator, and was network security manager for the University of North Texas. Kevin and Dianna have started Atomic Consulting, Inc., which does Unix and network consulting for small and medium size companies in the Dallas area. Kevin believes open source is more a religion than a license, that the Internet will supplant most national governments, that most economies will be reduced if not eliminated by nanotechnology, and that the ISO seven-layer model and the Sanskrit chakra system are essentially the same thing. Also a certified scuba diver and an avid photographer, Kevin lives to go on vacation with Dianna, who insists on bringing her analog camera, and no computer, and preserving the pioneering offline spirit of the family vacation, at least until the last hour or two of the day. When they're not busy helping to make the Net a better, safer, more interesting place, Dianna and Kevin are busy networking their new home from scratch. Since they're in one of the few neighborhoods that can get really good ADSL service, they may never move.

Managing IMAP Managing IMAP
by Dianna Mullet, Kevin Mullet
September 2000
Print: $49.99