Charles Severance

Charles Severance

Professor, Software Developer, Software Architect

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Areas of Expertise:

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Database Design
  • Scalability
  • speaking
  • programming
Charles Severance is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Information at the University of Michigan; he has also taught Computer Science at Michigan State University. Charles also works with the IMS Global Learning Consortium as the IMS Developer Network Coordinator. Previously he was the Executive Director of the Sakai Foundation and the Chief Architect of the Sakai Project ( Charles is the author of High Performance Computing, Second Edition, published by O'Reilly and Associates. His home page is

Using Google App Engine Using Google App Engine
by Charles Severance
May 2009
Print: $29.99
Ebook: $23.99

High Performance Computing High Performance Computing
by Charles Severance, Kevin Dowd
Second Edition July 1998

"As a long time web developer, with only working with PHP and the Frontend, this books is a great quick overview of Python and Google AppEngine. "
--Joshua Woodward,

"This is an excellent resource that’s not only for experienced programmers who want to acquire working knowledge on web technologies. "
--Dominique James, Sacramento Book Review

"If you are interested in learning Google App Engine, Using Google App Engine is a good introduction to the technology."
--Jeremy Schultz, Designorati

"A person doesn’t have to devote his or her life to reading dozens of interlocking books. This 240-page book is sufficient for a satisfying introduction to the world of cloud nerds. If the reader wants to go deeper, the online docs for all of the subsystems described in the book are available."
--Philip Greenspun, Philip Greenspun's Weblog

"This is a recommended read for the professionals looking to begin and ramp up their web application deployments quickly and as cleanly as possible to the Google App Engine."
--Ganadeva Bandyopadhyay,