Debu Panda

Debu Panda is a Senior Principal Product Manager of the Oracle Application Server development team, where he focuses his efforts on the EJB container and Transaction Manager. He has more than 14 years of experience in the IT industry and has published articles in several magazines and has presented at many conferences. He is co-author of the upcoming EJB 3.0 In Action. His J2EE-focused weblog can be found at

"As an introductory text, the book is organized in such a way as to gently introduce complex concepts of enterprise Java development to its reader...The book is enjoyable, extremely well organized and covers a wide range of EJB subjects. I would recommend EJB 3 in Action to both old hands and newly-initiated in the EJB craft. My only complaint is the size of the book; but I think the logical, unhurried and deliberate manner, with which the authors approached the non-trivial subjects addressed in this book, making them accessible to EJB novices, and the breadth of material covered in the volume do make up for its weightiness."
--Michael Smolyak, JavaLobby