Brian King

Brian King

Experienced Technologist, Community Leader, with Software Development Background

Novo mesto, Slovenia

Areas of Expertise:

  • Browsers
  • Community Building
  • Partnerships
  • consulting
  • speaking
  • writing
In recent years, I've been doing community building at Mozilla, helping to build communities of thousands of volunteers that had direct impact on organisational goals. This included programs like Mozilla Reps, work on campaigns from marketing Firefox to advocacy on Internet issues, and wrangling multiple events. In a not so long ago previous life, I was a software developer. What follows is the old bio: Brian has been hacking on Mozilla and related projects since early 1999. It began with a European funded project called Fabula to create software for children with the aim of learning minority languages like Basque, Catalan, Frisian, Irish, Welsh. This was built using Mozilla. Interest bloomed and he started contributing to the Mozilla Editor, and exploring the rest of the vast body of code. He moved on to work at ActiveState where he was heavily involved in the Komodo project, a scripting language IDE that uses the Mozilla application framework. Previously, Brian spent his time as a C++ applications developer, interspersed with some Perl development and XML consultancy. His technical interests include observing and participating in the re-shaping of the web environment brought about by XML. Other languages he dabbles in are PHP, Python, and JavaScript. Brian is now working as a Web technologies consultant.

Creating Applications with Mozilla Creating Applications with Mozilla
by David Boswell, Brian King, Ian Oeschger, Pete Collins, Eric Murphy
September 2002
Print: $39.95