Kevin Tatroe

iOS/PHP guy

  • @ktatroe

Windsor, Colorado

Areas of Expertise:

  • PHP
  • iOS
  • Cocoa
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • consulting
  • programming
Kevin Tatroe has been a Macintosh and Unix programmer for twenty years, and an iOS programmer since the hour the iOS SDK released to the public. Being lazy, he's attracted to languages and frameworks that do much of the work for you, such as the PHP language and the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch (iOS) programming environments. Kevin, his wife Jenn, his son Hadden, and two cats live on the edge of the rural plains of Colorado, just far away enough from the mountains to avoid the worst snowfall, and just close enough to avoid tornadoes. The house is filled with LEGO creations, action figures, and other toys.

Programming PHP Programming PHP
by Kevin Tatroe, Peter MacIntyre, Rasmus Lerdorf
Third Edition February 2013
Print: $39.99
Ebook: $33.99

Programming PHP Programming PHP
by Kevin Tatroe, Rasmus Lerdorf, Peter MacIntyre
Second Edition April 2006

Programming PHP Programming PHP
by Rasmus Lerdorf, Kevin Tatroe
March 2002