Bonny McClain

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The power of GIS and visualizing history is the transitory nature of the present. The world writ large doesn’t exist in political terms, marketing campaigns, or lifespans--think of a continuous link evolving into our current zeitgeist--and well beyond.
Geospatial analysts and scientists evaluate demographic shifts, social and cultural shifts, economic shifts, and environmental dynamics--what we need now is a powerful intersection of our insights. Understanding the role of location intelligence and spatial awareness just might be the missing link.
Using open source tools and data we will examine how powerful data questions elevate our discussion and re-focus potential solutions to address community level discord and marginalization. Bonny McClain is a geospatial analyst & self described human geographer | social anthropologist. Dr McClain applies advanced data analytics, including data engineering and geo-enrichment, to poverty, race, and gender discussions. Her research targets judgments about structural determinants, racial equity, and elements of intersectionality to illuminate the confluence of metrics contributing to poverty. Moving beyond ZIP codes to explore apportioned socioeconomic data based on underlying population data leads to discovering novel variables based on location to build more context to complex data questions. Bonny is a member of the National Press Club, 500 Women Scientists, The Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), former member of Tableau Speaker’s Bureau, and Investigational Reporters and Editors allowing access to a wide variety of health policy and health economic discussions.