Michael D. (Mick) Bauer

Security architect, Linux security writer

St. Paul, Minnesota

Areas of Expertise:

  • information security
  • network security
  • unix security
  • linux security
  • speaking
Michael D. (Mick) Bauer, CISSP, is Network Security Architect for a large health services provider. For over a decade he was also Security Editor for Linux Journal Magazine, and author of its monthly "Paranoid Penguin" security column. Mick's areas of expertise include Linux security and general Unix security, network (TCP/IP) security, security assessment, security architecture, and security auditing.

Linux Server Security Linux Server Security
by Michael D. (Mick) Bauer
Second Edition January 2005
Print: $44.95
Ebook: $35.99

Building Secure Servers with Linux Building Secure Servers with Linux
by Michael D. (Mick) Bauer
October 2002