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An Inside Look at the Economics of Cybercrime

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On Oct 6, 2013 Aleksander Hansen wrote: An Inside Look at the Economics of Cybercrime
In Blackhatonomics, Will Gragido, Daniel Molina, John Pirc and Nick Selby take you on a fascinating tour of the world of cyber-criminals. Delving into interesting case studies and the economics of cyber-crime, this book would likely be of interest to those intrigued by cyber-security, as well as those who seek a better understanding of the economics behind cybercrime and what drives that part of the "underground economy." Full Review >

Learning Python

Learning Python

Powerful Object-Oriented Programming

Aleksander's rating: StarStarStarStarStar 5.0

On Jul 16, 2013 Aleksander Hansen wrote: Learning Python - Powerful Object Oriented Programming by Mark Lutz, O'Reilly Media
All in all I would highly recommend this book to someone wanting to learn the Python language, whether a complete newcomer to programming, or a seasoned programmer wanting to pick up the syntax and style. In my opinion it compares favorably to Think Python as well as Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python. Full Review >

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