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User-Centered Design

User-Centered Design

A Developer's Guide to Building User-Friendly Applications

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On Aug 12, 2013 Ben McCormick wrote: Book Review: User-Centered Design
User-Centered Design by Travis Lowdermilk is a solid overview of the principles and practices of designing a software project with a focus on your users. The book does a good job of laying out the basic tools and processes of user-centered design, like usability studies, surveys, and project plans. It also argues convincingly for the power of its central points: user focus, preparation, and a structured process. Full Review >

JavaScript Testing with Jasmine

JavaScript Testing with Jasmine

JavaScript Behavior-Driven Development

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On Apr 23, 2013 Ben McCormick wrote: Book Review: Javascript Testing With Jasmine
I received a copy of Javascript Testing with Jasmine by Evan Hahn this week, and it seemed like perfect timing. The developers on my team at work have been discussing using Jasmine to automate the testing of Javascript code in our product, and I may be spending a significant amount of time with it soon. I was hoping to pick up on some tips and tricks, and maybe learn some things about testing. It ended up being a quick read with some useful tidbits that left me wanting more. Full Review >

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Doing Data Science

Kiatikun Luangkesorn wrote:
This is not a textbook or a how-to-do-this type of book, rather it is a how-to-think-when-doing book.
Doing Data Science is about the practice of data science, not its implementation. I suspect… Full Review >

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