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The Myths of Innovation

The Myths of Innovation

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On Jan 3, 2011 Fuad Arshad wrote: [Book Review] The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun
I spend the holidays reading a very interesting book, The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun. The Books walks us through Some of the Common Myths and why they exist. This books walks you thru a variety of myths and explains what is behind some of the most common innovations to date. Full Review >

SQL Pocket Guide

SQL Pocket Guide

A Guide to SQL Usage

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On Dec 9, 2010 Fuad Arshad wrote: Book Review - SQL Pocket Guide By Jonathan Gennick
SQL Pocket Guide by Jonathan Gennick is book that addresses SQL across multiple platforms. The Book tries to talk about SQL syntax across the major databases, which include Oracle 11Gr2, DB2 9.7, Postgres SQL and SQL Server. Not All SQL is standard and variations of SQL in terms of Syntax are clearly highlighted and explained. The Book is written by Jonathan Gennick whose previous titles include SQL* Plus a definitive guide, Books on SQL Loader & regular expressions. Full Review >

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