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Managing Startups: Best Blog Posts

Managing Startups: Best Blog Posts

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On Oct 3, 2013 Horacio Lassey-Assiakoley wrote: Entrepreneur at heart quick-start guide
The author Tom Eisenmann is an Harvard Business School professor who studies entrepreneurship. His book is a collection of best blog posts on entrepreneurship Full Review >

Shipping Greatness

Shipping Greatness

Practical lessons on building and launching outstanding software, learned on the job at Google and Amazon

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On Nov 21, 2012 Horacio Lassey-Assiakoley wrote: Software project manager reference book
Have you got a new job as Project Manager or you want to hone your skills as one who already is a Project Manager? Either way, this book is for you! Chris takes the pains to go through all the necessary steps before delivering a good product. As former Project Manager at Amazon and Google, Chris gives you an insight into Amazon and Google's processes. Full Review >

Team Geek

Team Geek

A Software Developer's Guide to Working Well with Others

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On Sep 10, 2012 Horacio Lassey-Assiakoley wrote: Developer social skills
Brian and Ben, through their personal experience in open source projects and their current job at Google have shared with us the social skills every developer need to have nowadays to succeed. They have shown us all the social skills you need to build as a person, team and finally how to sneak into a company's gears Full Review >

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Understanding & Using C Pointers
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