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Zero to Maker

Zero to Maker

Learn (Just Enough) to Make (Just About) Anything

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On Nov 19, 2013 Michael Carnell wrote: A Hands On Intro To Making
Are you a closet inventor? Have you heard about the strange new thing called 3-D printing and would like to try your hand at it? Do you believe you could create electronic devices to solve problems around Zero To Makerthe home or office? If any of these sounds like you, then you may be a “maker”. Makers are those among us who dream of better ways to do things and creative uses for the objects around us. They are the tinkerers and programmers, the hackers and explorers. If any of this sounds appealing to you, then the book “Zero to Maker: Learn (Just Enough) to Make (Just About) Anything” by David Lang is a good place for you to start. Full Review >

Vintage Tomorrows

Vintage Tomorrows

A Historian And A Futurist Journey Through Steampunk Into The Future of Technology

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On Sep 1, 2013 Michael Carnell wrote: The Implications of the Past's Future
Throughout Vintage Tomorrows the authors explore not only what steampunk is through various art forms, but explore what that might mean in terms of the way we view our past and future. Full Review >

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