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Confessions of a Public Speaker

Confessions of a Public Speaker

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On Sep 26, 2013 Mohamed Sanaulla wrote: Interesting and Hilarious read to get over your public speaking fear
Who among us has never feared speaking in front of a crowd- no matter how large the crowd be? We all have felt the fear, few of us overcome the fear to emerge as great speakers and few of us under Confessions of a public Speaker perform due to the fear and remain as mediocre speakers. Lot of us have attended workshops on public speaking, read numerous books on the same but yet we struggle each time we are asked to speak. Public speaking need not be limited to speaking at a conference to a crowd in hundreds, but it also includes the presentations we give to our team at work, the talks we give in our local user group meets and the teaching activities we undertake. Not only its a mighty task for the speaker, but also a mightier task for the audience listening if the speaker turns out to be a bad speaker. Full Review >

Head First HTML5 Programming

Head First HTML5 Programming

Building Web Apps with JavaScript

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On Sep 25, 2013 Mohamed Sanaulla wrote: Great book to get started with HTML5, will leave you to explore more
We all have enjoyed reading the Head First series of books and this book i.e Head First HTML5 Programming is no different. The authors Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson have kept the content in the book as much practical as possible which means that your are more of coding than reading. Not all the features of HTML 5 have been covered and the few which were not covered, the authors have mentioned them in the Appendices. But the authors have covered quite a few important and tough to understand features. Full Review >

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