James GovernorTom Raftery

Grid 2.0

Date: This event took place live on February 19 2009

Presented by: James Governor, Tom Raftery

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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With the coming energy crunch set to dwarf the credit crunch Smart Grids are quickly becoming a really hot topic--why is that? Just how do Smart Grids help solve energy issues and what can we do with the masses of data which these Smart Grids will generate? Join the conversation in this live, online event.

About James Governor

James Governor is the co-founder of RedMonk, the first open source analyst company. He has worked with the biggest companies in the world, including Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, and Sun, helping them to understand how the world is changing and how they should respond. From marketing advisory to community and product development consulting. RedMonk has an enviable track record of calling trends early, and James now plans to continue that with GreenMonk.

About Tom Raftery

Tom Raftery is a communicator, blogger, podcaster and social media consultant. More recently, he co-founded and is a director of Cork Internet eXchange - a hyper energy-efficient data center. Tom's current challenge is working as an industry analyst to build out Greenmonk (a division of Redmonk) as a research and advisory business. Greenmonk offers advisory services to help a range of organizations better understand how sustainability issues will affect them.