Brett McLaughlin

Effective Communication: Making your point in a video-game culture

Date: This event took place live on May 19 2009

Presented by: Brett McLaughlin

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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The book is dead; the play is dead; the lecture is dead. Everywhere you turn, you've heard about the demise of classic forms of communication, from the written word to the spoken. So how do you communicate today, and get your point across? It takes more than stage pyrotechnics and fancy graphics (sometimes, it takes less!). In this 60-minute webcast, learn the fundamentals of effective communication. You'll understand how to tailor any content to be engaging, and to speak to your audience's needs in a manner to which they'll respond and interact.

This webcast is for anyone who has a need to communicate regularly, and who has some experience in public speaking/writing/engaging an audience. This is largely an introductory talk, in that it doesn't pre-suppose you've got tons of knowledge of learning theory or cognitive science.

About Brett McLaughlin

Brett McLaughlin is a bestselling and award-winning non-fiction author. His books on computer programming, home theater, and analysis and design have sold in excess of 100,000 copies. He has been writing, editing, and producing technical books for nearly a decade, and is as comfortable in front of a word processor as he is behind a guitar, chasing his two sons and his daughter around the house, or laughing at reruns of Arrested Development with his wife.

Brett spends most of his time these days on cognitive theory, codifying and expanding on the learning principles that shaped the Head First series into a bestselling phenomenon. He's curious about how humans best learn, why Star Wars was so formulaic and still so successful, and is adamant that a good video game is the most effective learning paradigm we have.