Ben Rothke

Information Security and Social Networks

Date: This event took place live on September 02 2009

Presented by: Ben Rothke

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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Social networks are an information security game changer, and enterprises and their management are struggling to understand and deal with the security risks of social networks.

Traditional information security protected your corporate IT perimeter. But that won't help in the web 2.0 era of social networks, as effective security for social networking require a security focus shift from infrastructure protection to data protection.

This webcast will detail the significant security and privacy risks that social network create, and will also provides detailed guidance on ways organizations and individuals can use social networks in a safe and secure manner. After delivering the guidance, Ben will open the webcast to a Q&A discussion.

About Ben Rothke

Ben Rothke, CISSP QSA is a New York City based senior security consultant with BT Professional Services and has over 15 years of industry experience in information systems security and privacy.

His areas of expertise are in risk management and mitigation, security and privacy regulatory issues, design & implementation of systems security, encryption, cryptography and security policy development, with a specialization in the financial services and aviation sectors.

Ben is the author of Computer Security - 20 Things Every Employee Should Know and a speaker at industry conferences, such as RSA and MISTI, and is a CISSP and PCI QSA (Qualified Security Assessor).