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Fluent Online Conference: Fluent 2013 Preview

Date: This event took place live on April 04 2013

Presented by: Peter Cooper, Simon St. Laurent

Duration: Approximately 120 minutes.

Cost: Free

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At the end of May, Fluent returns to San Francisco for its second year. In addition to our continued, core focus on JavaScript and HTML5, Fluent is expanding its scope this year to include a broader scope of tools and technologies driving the front-end Web — including Node.js, Angular JS, mobile, the hottest APIs, and the business side of the Web.

In this free online conference, attendees will get a practical sneak peek at some of the most important topics we'll be covering at Fluent. If you're a developer, engineer, or are invested in the future of the Web in any way, It's your chance to see what we're covering and to find those can't-miss tracks and sessions.

"this" in JavaScript - How It Really Works
Martha Girdler

The resolution of "this" in JavaScript is often a confusing subject for developers. I aim to take the magic out of "this" by describing the different scenarios functions can be called and how it affects the value of "this."

About Martha Girdler

Martha is a designer turned web developer turned software engineer. HTML/CSS/JS/PHP/Python

Prototyping à la Node with Express
Pam Selle

This talk will discuss the how and why of rapid prototyping and user testing, a quick sample of simple testing methods, and how you can use Express.js (with git, Node, and Heroku) to get your prototype up at at 'em—with skills you already have.

About Pam Selle

Pam Selle is a professional web developer and UI engineer in Philadelphia, PA. She currently works as a news applications developer for AxisPhilly, a local investigative news non-profit. Pam is known as a champion of web standards, an enthusiastic JavaScripter, and a defender of users. She has spoken at local user groups and regional and national conferences on HTML5, CSS, Sass, and JavaScript. She teaches web development and JavaScript in Philadelphia and blogs at

Principles of AngularJS
Brad Green and Shyam Seshadri

Angular brings together data binding, HTML extension, dependency injection, and a host of other powerful techniques for building modern web applications. In this talk, we'll describe why we picked these idioms and the development experience we're trying to achieve for both rapid prototyping and large-scale application development.

About Brad Green

Brad Green works at Google as an engineering manager. Prior to Google, Brad worked on the early mobile web at AvantGo, founded and sold startups, and spent a few hard years toiling as a caterer. Brad's first job out of school was as lackey to Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer writing demo software and designing his slide presentations. Brad lives in Mountain View, CA with his wife and two children.

About Shyam Seshadri

Shyam Seshadri is the owner / CEO of Fundoo Solutions, where he splits his time between working on innovative and exciting new products for the Indian markets, and consulting about and running workshops on AngularJS. Prior to Fundoo Solutions, Shyam completed his MBA from the prestigious Indian School of Business in Hyderabad. Shyam's first job out of college was with Google, where he worked on multiple projects, including Google Feedback (AngularJS's first customer!), and various internal tools and projects. Shyam currently operates from his office in Navi Mumbai, India.

Hardware Access and Device APIs with JavaScript and HTML5
Wes Bos

The browser on your device is growing up! With new HTML5 APIs we are able to access your device's hardware and start writing apps that rival native big boys. HTML5 APIs include access the the device's camera, microphone, GPS, compass file system and accelerometer. This talk will take a look at what we can start integrating into our apps today as well as what we can look forward to in future releases of mobile browsers. Be sure to make it out to this as as it will be packed with fantastic examples including a mobile based motion detection security camera and a CSS3 speedometer!

About Wes Bos

Wes Bos is an independent web developer, UI designer and all around hacker from Toronto, Canada. He is super passionate about design, development, and business spending most of his time working with JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 and PHP. Wes is one to push the limits of new technology and has been known to publish HTML5 and Node.js experiments and tutorials to his blog.

Wes loves open source software and community learning, he spends a lot of time on github, twitter, and IRC (freenode) connecting with other developers. If you're a woman looking to break into the developer industry, Wes teaches day long training for the non-profit Ladies Learning Code

About the Presenters

Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper is the founder of Cooper Press and the editor of several weekly newsletters, including JavaScript Weekly, and co-host of The JavaScript Show as well as the editor of several popular Ruby Web sites and author of Beginning Ruby. He publishes programming oriented e-mail newsletters, podcasts, screencasts and blogs full-time.

He also chairs O'Reilly's JavaScript and Web technology conference, Fluent.

Simon St. Laurent

Simon St. Laurent is a web developer, network administrator, computer book author, and XML troublemaker living in the Town of Dryden, NY. His books include Learning Rails, XML: A Primer, XML Elements of Style, Cookies, Office 2003 XML, and the XML Pocket Reference.

You can find his writing on everything from technology to Quakerism to life in Dryden to gardening to New York State politics aggregated at

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