Dux Raymond Sy to speak on the Transform Tour13 in Philadelphia iCal

Date: This event took place live on April 03 2013

Presented by: Dux Raymond Sy

Dux Raymond Sy, author of SharePoint 2010 for Project Management, will be speaking at this Microsoft and Yammer half-day VIP forum wherein the new era of the enterprise is welcomed. Both internal and external business collaboration transforms into a social, mobile, and engaging experience. Breakfast will be served and complimentary valet parking will be provided.

More information about this event is available at: https://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/InviteOnly.aspx?EventID=A0-56-C0-92-E9-98-E4-C9-D5-93-31-6F-8B-02-CE-76&Culture=en-US&community=1

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