Mathias Brandewinder

F# for the C# Developer

Date: This event took place live on March 24 2015

Presented by: Mathias Brandewinder

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes.

Cost: Free

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You have been writing C# for years, and are happy with it - so why bother with F#? This talk will compare and contrast F# and C# with live coding examples, illustrating why F# is an awesome language, where it shines, and how it fits. So if you are open to the idea that C# might not be the one and only solution to all your coding problems, curious about functional programming, or simply tired of null reference exceptions, come check out what F# has to offer, and how it beautifully complements C#!

About Mathias Brandewinder

Mathias Brandewinder has been developing software on .NET for about 10 years, and loving every minute of it, except maybe for a few release days. His language of choice was C#, until he discovered F# and fell in love with it. He enjoys arguing about code and how to make it better, and gets very excited when discussing TDD or F#. His other professional interests include math, forecasting, machine learning and probability. Mathias is a Microsoft F# MVP and the founder of Clear Lines Consulting. He is based in San Francisco, blogs at, and can be found on Twitter as @brandewinder