Ron Bodkin

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Continuous Applications: Spark, Kafka, Beam, and Beyond

Date: This event took place live on March 24 2016

Presented by: Ron Bodkin

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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As big data applications achieve broader adoption and as emphasis increases on real-time capabilities, streaming concepts like watermarks and triggers affect application requirements and design. In addition to the venerable Lambda Architecture, emerging systems like Apache Flink, Kafka, Apache Beam and Spark 2.0’s upcoming Structured Streaming offer new ways to provide more principled implementations of continuous applications. These systems hold promise for applications where the analytics can be pre-computed, often involving simple aggregations and specialized “checkpoint” models of application state. In general, these systems are based on low-level programming primitives.

But what about continuous applications that need to support complex analytics, including joins, data science models, even analysis over various periods of history? We look at options for building complex analytic big data applications including tradeoffs for simplicity, completeness, and changing semantics over time backed by rich query engines.

After this webcast, you'll be able to:

  • Comprehend various streaming concepts like watermarks, triggers and how they affect system requirements and design
  • Understand complexities of continuous applications architectures and design trade-offs involved
  • Develop complex big data applications beyond simple aggregations with simplicity, completeness and changing semantics

About Ron Bodkin, Founder and President — ThinkBig, a Teradata Company

Ron has a successful history building engineering and data science teams to transform businesses using technology. He is a master of using open source technologies to generate value from Big Data and often speaks on the topic in addition to his favorite topics Hadoop, Storm and NoSQL.

Prior to the joining Think Big, Bodkin was Vice President of Engineering at Quantcast where he led the data science and engineer teams that pioneered the use of Hadoop and NoSQL for batch and real-time decision-making. Prior to that, Bodkin was Founder of New Aspects, which provided enterprise consulting for Aspect-oriented programming. Bodkin was also Co-Founder and CTO of B2B applications provider C-Bridge, which he led to team of 900 people and a successful IPO.

Bodkin graduated with honors from McGill University with a B.S. in Math and Computer Science. Bodkin also earned his Master's Degree in Computer Science from MIT, leaving the PhD program after presenting the idea for C-bridge and placing in the finals of the 50k Entrepreneurship Contest.