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Federating Data with Presto to Build an Enterprise Data Portal

Date: This event took place live on July 19 2016

Presented by: Todd Nemet, Suraj Patel, Mark Shainman

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

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In the struggle to meet diverse demands of their organization, large companies often store their data in multiple locations and formats, and only make it available as subsets, retrieved through multiple tools. This makes the first thing a company needs to be data driven—access to its own data—problematic, cross-functional analysis difficult, and building a "single source of truth" impossible.

Join us as we dive deep into helping you understand why so many of today's leading companies are using flexible data models as the foundation for their data strategies. Well explain how you can easily make all your data accessible company-wide via a single, customizable UI on the Looker Data Platform.

In this webcast you'll learn:

  • How to federate multiple data sources with Presto
  • Why creating a single data model is crucial to data adoption
  • What's possible with the new Presto functionality from Teradata
  • How to build a data portal with simple but powerful company-wide access to analysis

About Todd Nemet, Big Data Product Manager

Todd Nemet is a Big Data Product Manager and general analytics wiz at Looker. Most recently he worked with Hadoop-related technologies at Cloudera, Altiscale, Pepperdata, and Clearstory Data. At Cloudera he was a Global Systems Engineer Manager where he was the technical partner manager for their largest partners as well as helped build out the field technical team. His first exposure to "Hadoop" was in 2003 with the Google File System as part of the enterprise Google Search Appliance.

As an interesting guy, his varied work experience also includes SEO consulting, radio DJing, app development, technical blogging, comedy writing, record store clerking, college teaching, and camp counseling.

He has a BSEE from Purdue University and currently lives in Palo Alto with his family.

About Suraj Patel, Senior Data Analyst

Suraj Patel runs the pre-sales solutions team on the west coast at Looker. Suraj's expertise is in simplifying data architectures and scaling data accessibility at large companies. Currently, his focus is managing teams building and implementing the unique data strategies of enterprise companies such as Yahoo!, Kohler, and Autodesk. Before coming to Looker Suraj worked at TIBCO on TIBCO's Engage team where he helped create a solution for real-time, data-driven customer engagement management. Prior to TIBCO Suraj worked for Wells Fargo's Insurance Strategy team. Suraj graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and a Certificate in Engineering Leadership.

About Mark Shainman, Program Manager, Presto

Mark Shainman is the Program Manager for Teradata's alignment with the SQL on Hadoop engine Presto. As part of Teradata's Unified Data Architecture team, Mark looks after the marketing, education, promotion and strategy-surrounding the uptake and usage of Presto as well as Teradata's QueryGrid solution.

Previously Mark was the global program manager for Teradata's Competitive programs, covering Oracle, IBM, Netezza and SQL Server migrations as well as data mart consolidations.

He has managed the global aspects of technology, strategy, positioning and sales support surrounding numerous products and programs at Teradata. Prior to joining Teradata, he was a senior research analyst for META Group specializing in database management systems for both online transaction processing and decision-support architectures. Shainman has advised clients on a wide spectrum of database issues, including total-cost-of-ownership analysis, data mart consolidation, disaster recovery, replication, and security, while assisting with core database product comparison and selection.