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API-led Integration in a Multi-cloud World

Date: This event took place live on April 20 2017

Presented by: Rahul Kamdar

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost: Free

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In the age of digital business, application developers must connect an exploding number of data sources and data consumers, spread across various delivery models. To bring together data in such an environment, the traditional centralized approach of integration is ineffective. Instead, an apt solution is a distributed architecture, which allows the building of microservices that can then be deployed anywhere – public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise datacenters to best satisfy individual use cases and requirements, from governance and security to latency and locality.

Register for the webcast, "API-led Integration in a Multi-cloud World", on April 20th as we explore:

  • Weighing a distributed integration architecture against a traditional ESB
  • How to build for a multi-cloud world and leverage pre-existing code, projects, and assets
  • Planning for IoT and edge-native integration as part of the transformational process
  • The concept of "APIs around everything"—and "everything around APIs"

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About Rahul Kamdar, Director of Product Management and Strategy at TIBCO Software

At TIBCO, Rahul Kamdar drives integration product management and strategy, which includes the company's flagship product offering of TIBCO BusinessWorks. Having worked in varied groups such as development and engineering, pre-sales and now product management and strategy, Rahul has spent as much time building products as he has whiteboarding or implementing solutions for TIBCO's customers. For the products within his TIBCO portfolio, he actively works with and helps manage partnerships with the Cloud Foundry Foundation, AWS, Docker, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Pivotal.