Pragmatic AI: Three Day Cloud Based Python Machine Learning Workshop iCal

Date: This event took place live on July 20 2018

Presented by: Noah Gift

Instructor: Noah Gift, Machine Learning Professor at UC Davis and Author of Pragmatic AI Lab Assistant: Kennedy Behrman There is an overwhelming demand to learn business focused Python-based Machine Learning. This three day training is about learning how to apply Machine Learning techniques in Python to common business applications. Examples of this could be classifying types of users registered on a shopping site, to using regression to predict the sales for the next month. This workshop shows how to get started with the basics in Python via Jupyter notebooks, then proceeds to dive into nuts and bolts of Data Science libraries in Python. EDA, or exploratory data analysis, is at the heart of the Machine Learning feedback look, and this series will highlight how to perform this in Python and Jupyter Notebook. Finally, AWS will be used to expand the machine learning concepts to real world environments in the cloud. Machine Learning on AWS concepts will cover how to do batch based job workflows for Machine Learning pipelines, as well as the use of the boto library. All attendees will receive: Copy of Pragmatic AI Book Jupyter Notebooks in Colaboratory Format Lab Assistance with personal projects Catered Breakfast and Lunch This is going to be heavily based on the sold out trainings I have done for Safari, class I taught at UC Davis on Graduate Machine Learning, workshops I have taught for companies like PayPal and NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the upcoming book, Pragmatic AI: An Introduction to Cloud-based Machine Learning.

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