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Ian Darwin

Ian Darwin

Areas of Expertise:
  • Unix
  • Java

Ian Darwin has worked in the computer industry for several decades: with Unix since 1980, Java since 1995, and OpenBSD since 1998. He wrote the freeware file(1) command used on Linux and BSD and is the author of Checking C Programs with Lint, Java Cookbook, Checking Java Programs, and co-author of Tomcat: The Definitive Guide. He has recently "got mobile" and is working on the Android Cookbook. He's also written about a hundred articles and presentations, and several full-length courses (both university and commercial) on Java and Unix. In addition to programming and consulting, Ian teaches Java and Unix for Learning Tree International, one of the world's largest technical training companies, and presents to organizations, conferences and user groups. He was rated as a Rock Star Speaker at JavaOne 2007.

Ian runs OpenBSD UNIX on all his computers; the only Windows he has are made of glass and look out over the countryside north of Toronto.