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Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer Merchant

Areas of Expertise:
  • Business Strategy

Faced with rapidly changing markets, many companies are looking for new ways to move faster, compete more effectively, and make better decisions more quickly. Smart companies will learn how to change the status quo by working across their own departmental silos and making decisions close to the point of customer interaction. Those companies will be more open to the next winning idea, more nimble in responding to market moves, more innovative as they create new products, and, ultimately, more successful.

Creating a truly collaborative corporate culture is the key, and that's what The New How is all about:

  • Shifting leadership from "Chief of Answers" to collaborative organizations
  • Having "fair fights" by using Murderboarding to build trust and cohesion through making tough choices as a group
  • Reducing the gaps, or "Air Sandwiches," between different levels of management

CEO, author, and strategist Nilofer Merchant is a leading authority on creating business strategy to win markets. As she's worked with Adobe, Apple, Nokia and other major corporations, Nilofer has developed a unique collaborative approach for solving tough problems. This "secret sauce" enables Nilofer and her team of experts at Rubicon to help companies drive innovation and strategic planning in new and more effective ways.

Nilofer's engaging keynote presentations attract SRO crowds at business leadership events, technology expos, women's conferences, and universities, ranging from Web 2.0 to CTIA and TED to Stanford. She has won multiple awards for her insights on strategic thinking and innovation. Nilofer is also a Business Week columnist and has been quoted or published in major business publications such as BusinessWeek, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal.

She earned her MBA from Santa Clara University, a BS in Economics from University of San Francisco, and is a certified Instructor of Facilitative Leadership from Interaction Associates. The New How, Nilofer's first book on the art of collaborative work, was published by O'Reilly Media in 2010.