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Dreamweaver CC: The Missing Manual

Dreamweaver CC: The Missing Manual, Second Edition

By Chris Grover, David Sawyer McFarland

Missing CD-ROM

Dreamwewaver CC 2E Missing CD page



Tutorial Files


Download all of the book's tutorial files.




Desktop programs in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite

WebAssist's Data Bridge extension for database-driven pages

DMXzone extension for database-driven pages

See your pages-in-progress in a variety of browsers:

CSS Zen Garden

JavaScript in action:


Chapter 1


Adobe Creative Cloud downloads


Chapter 2


Character entity table

Windows Character Map

HTML5's <i>, <b>, <em>, and <strong> elements


Chapter 3


W3C Schools' CSS tutorials

Sitepoint's CSS forums

Sitepoint's CSS reference

W3C's CSS reference

CSS reference sites

Google Fonts

FontSquirrel Web fonts

Check a font's popularity on Windows and Mac PCs

FontSquirrel Web font generator

Change the starting font size in browsers

Working with RGBa color settings


Chapter 4


Advanced CSS Drop Down Menu


Chapter 5


PBS Kids Sesame Street

Details of the Longdesc accessibility feature

Making websites accessible

Float tutorial


Chapter 6


Accessibility settings in tables

Controlling column attributes in Dreamweaver

Define the width of individual table columns


Chapter 7


Set up WAMP for Windows

Set up MAMP for Macs

jQuery plug-ins

Beyond Compare (file comparison for Windows)

WinMerge (file comparison for Windows)

BareBones Software's BBEdit

TextWrangler (file comparison for Mac)

Sitepoint's CSS reference

W3 School's JavaScript Reference

PHP manual


Chapter 8


Regular expressions reference

Regular expressions cheat sheet

Mastering Regular Expressions book

Regular Expression Library


Chapter 9


CSS selectors discussion

CSS: Specificity Wars

Star Wars-themed specificy chart

CSS Speci"fishity" chart

CSS properties you can animate

Ways to use the CSS :target pseudo-class

About the :target pseudo-class

CSS Cubic Bezier Builder

Can I Use? (HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility tables)

Using the CSS Text-Shadow property

Preview Box-Shadow effects

Border-Radius generator

CSS Gradient Generator

Using the CSS Transform property


Chapter 10


CSS Zen Garden

Conditional comments in Internet Explorer

Find and replace CSS comments

The CSS Box-Shadow property


Chapter 11


Internet Explorer 6 countdown

Google Analytics


Chapter 12


Google Chrome browser

Device displays and their pixel counts

Screen resolution pixel-checker

View live web pages using Screenfly

CSS Tricks forums

Create a media query for Apple devices

Make IE8 and earlier understand your media queries

W3C's media queries recommendations


Chapter 13


Fluid images in mobile design

Responsive Web design article

Smashing magazine

HTML5 Boilerplate

Fluid images in mobile design


Chapter 14


Samuel Adams website (view with a smartphone to see the jQuery mobile version)

The jQuery Mobile Project



Moulin Rouge

The jQuery Mobile site

Create fancy jQuery lists

jQuery Mobile grids

jQuery Mobile collapsible blocks

jQuery Mobile icons

jQuery Mobile buttons

jQuery Mobile ThemeRoller

PhoneGap Build service

Introduction to PhoneGap Build (video)


Chapter 15


JavaScript and jQuery tutorials

Why Adobe no longer uses the Spry Framework

Easing animation effects

jQuery UI website

Download jQuery UI themes


Chapter 16


CGI Resource Index

Wufoo fom builder

Mastering Regular Expressions book

Tutorial on regular expressions

Regular Expressions Library

CSS Tricks site

DMXZone file upload extensions for Dreamweaver

Universal Email extension

WebAssist universal email extension

DMXZone Smart Mailer extension for ASP

DMXZone Smart Mailer extension for PHP


Chapter 17


Cornell Ornithology Lab


Micro Video Converter

Uplopad long videos to YouTube


Addicting Games website

Disney Movies

Swish Flash tools

Toon Boom

Anime Studio

IE conditional comments

Adobe Media Encoder

Introduction to creating Flash videos

Adobe video development with Flash


Chapter 18


Adobe Kuler

WebAssist color palette extension (part of its Free Tools collection)


Chapter 19



Google Analytics


Microsoft's website

Cross-browser testing


IE tester


Mac Bootcamp

VMWare Fusion

Parallels Desktop

W3C Link Checker

Webmaster Toolkit Link Checker

1-Hit Broken Link Checker


W3C web page validator

W3C CSS validator

Remove CSS comments using a Dreamweaver stored query


Chapter 20


Troubleshoot FTP issues in Dreamweaver

Adobe Contribute

Subversion software

Subversion manual

Subversion resources for Dreamweaver

IE conditional comments


Chapter 21


No links.


Chapter 22


Template parameters and expressions


Chapter 23


Make hidden files visible in Windows XP

Make hidden files visible in Window 8

Make hidden files visible in Windows Vista and Windows 7

Request new Dreamweaver features

Write your own extensions


Project Seven

Trent Pastrana

Trio Solutions

Hot Dreamweaver


Adobe Exchange


Chapter 24





WAMP server

Setting up WAMP in Windows

MAMP overview

Setting up MAMP on Macs


Appendix A


Dreamweaver help from Adobe

Find a Dreamweaver user group

Dreamweaver help topics

Adobe TV website

Find an Adobe online forum

Listing of all Adobe forums and user groups


Appendix B


No links.