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Excel 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual

Excel 2007 for Starters: The Missing Manual

By Matthew MacDonald

Missing CD-ROM

Download example files for all chapters here.

Chapter 1

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Bad Columns

Good Columns

Simple Expenses

Chapter 2

Data Type Alignment

Different Dates

Chapter 3

Simple Expenses

Chapter 4

Tables on Separate Worksheets

Two Tables

Chapter 5

Alignment Options

Formatting Cell Values

Gradient Fill

One Number Three Ways

Rotated and Merged

Chapter 6

Custom Views

Frozen Columns or Rows

Hidden Columns

Horizontal Split

Page Break

Chapter 7

Simple Expenses

Student Grades

Student Grades Absolute

Chapter 8

Product Table

Chapter 9

Area Chart

Column Chart

Cone Cylinder

Line Charts

Multiple Series

Simple Chart

Time Scale

Two Ways Columns

Two Ways Lines