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Facebook: The Missing Manual

Facebook: The Missing Manual

By E. A. Vander Veer

Missing CD-ROM

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We have started a Missing Manuals Fan Page on Facebook, which you can access here:

There is also a discussion thread which you can use to talk about Facebook topics with other Missing Manual fans here:

E. A. Vander Veer listed five Facebook tips and tricks here:

Emily on NPR's Science Friday

Listen to Emily's guest appearance on NPR's Science Friday as they discuss online privacy.

Sample Files

Chapter 1: Getting Started

Free Web-based Email Accounts:

Changing Your Birth Date on Facebook:

Chapter 4: Sending Messages to Friends
Gifts application:

Chapter 5: Exchanging Automatic Updates
Free News Readers (a.k.a. Aggregators):
Google Reader:
Feed Demon:

Information on Web Feeds:

Blogging sites:

Chapter 11: Advertising on Facebook
Viewing Poll Results:

Facebook’s Advertising Guidelines:

Chapter 12: Customizing Facebook and Adding Applications
Info on Creating Applications:

The Facebook Application Platform: An O’Reilly Radar Report:

Chapter 13: Playing It Safe: Facebook Privacy
Facebook’s Code of Conduct:

 Chapter 14: Facebook Mobile
Facebook Mobile Web Site:

iPhone-optimized Version of Facebook:

 Appendix: Getting Help
The Facebook Blog:

Inside Facebook:

The Unofficial Facebook Blog:

People-powered Customer Service for Facebook: