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Flash CS6: The Missing Manual

Flash CS6: The Missing Manual

By Chris Grover

Missing CD-ROM

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Chapter 1: Getting Around Flash

Accessibility Websites:

Chapter 2: Creating Simple Drawings

Chapter 3: Animate Your Art

Chapter 4: Organizing Frames and Layers

Chapter 5: Advanced Drawing and Coloring

Chapter 6: Choosing and Formatting Text

Chapter 7: Reusable Flash: Symbols and Templates

Chapter 8: Advanced Tweens with the Motion Editor

Chapter 9: Realistic Animation with IK Bones

Chapter 10: Incorporating Non-Flash Media Files

Chapter 11: Incorporating Sound and Video

Chapter 12: Introduction to ActionScript 3

Chapter 13: Controlling Actions with Events

Chapter 14: Organizing Objects with the Display List

Chapter 15: Controlling the Timeline and Animation

Chapter 16: Components for Interactivity

Finding Additional Components

Chapter 17: Choosing, Using , and Animating Text

Chapter 18: Drawing with ActionScript

Chapter 19: Testing and Debugging Your Animation

Chapter 20: Publishing and Exporting

Chapter 21: Introducing Adobe AIR

Chapter 22: Making iPhone Apps

Chapter 23: Building Android Apps

Appendix A: Installation and Help

Appendix B: Flash Professional Menu by Menu