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Galaxy Tab: The Missing Manual

Galaxy Tab: The Missing Manual

By Preston Gralla

Missing CD-ROM


page 2


page 4




Safari Books Online

Chapter 3: Navigating the Web

page 63

Computerworld Blog entry on viewing full-size web pages

Chapter 4: Downloading and Using Apps

page 90

Android Market

page 97

Google Checkout

page 100

Android Freeware

PC World Android Library

Chapter 8: Maps and Navigation

page 179

Google Maps

Chapter 10: Music

page 229

PC World Software Downloads

page 230

Android File Transfer tool

Chapter 11: Camera, Photo, and Video

page 257


page 262

Picasa Web

Picasa Web for Mobile

page 270


Chapter 12: Gmail and Email

page 278


page 297

Priority Inbox

page 289

Advanced Gmail Searching

Chapter 13: Calendar

pqge 331

Google Calendar

pqge 333

Google Tasks

page 333

Google Calendar Sync

Companion Link for Google

Sync Google Calendar with iCal

Chapter 14: Getting Work Done with Your Galaxy Tab

page 341

Google Docs

Appendix A: Accessories

page 398


Android Central

Appendix B: Troubleshooting and Maintenance

page 402

Galaxy Tab Support page

page 403

Google's Mobile Forum

Galaxy Tab Forums

Android Guys